Restaurante regaló hamburguesas a quienes cambiaron su apellido



(01 de julio de 2016. El Venezolano).- La cadena de restaurantes Mr. Burger Truck prometió hamburguesas gratis de por vida a todos aquellos clientes que cambien su apellido a Burger.

“Gana hamburguesas de por vida: todo lo que tienes que hacer es cambiar tu apellido a Burger, así de simple. ¡Etiqueta a un amigo tuyo que necesite un nuevo apellido!”, reza la publicación de este restaurante en Instagram, que se hizo viral.

Lo único que tenían que hacer los valientes era rellenar los formularios necesarios para ello y presentar en el restaurante una copia delos papeles del Gobierno de Australia; sin embargo, las autoridades detuvieron el concurso en seco.

El restaurante ofreció disculpas, aunque igual regaló algunas hamburguesas.

We’ve got bad news and we’ve got delicious news (you can skip to the end if you’d like). The bad news first. We regret to inform any hopeful Mr/Ms/Mrs Burgers that today (Thursday) we received a letter from the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office asking that we cease our quest in finding ‘Australia’s Next Mr (or Mrs) Burger’, stating that no applications to change one’s name to ‘Burger’ would be granted, as the process was being used for an ‘improper purpose’. Laughing time is over. Anyone who has officially applied and filled out the forms for a name change, please send an email to and we’ll re-imburse you for any fees (and throw in a few cheeky burgers too) as these fees are not refundable. To everyone who shared, joked, commented and laughed, we thank you. It made the last few days incredibly fun and hopefully yours too! The good news! To celebrate you all being absolute legends, we’ll be giving away free Mr Burgers from 12pm-2pm at our Melbourne Central store tomorrow (Friday 1st July). And, as an extra special thank you, we’ll be giving one lucky customer free burgers for life!! For full T&C’s visit our website !

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